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VW MKIV Golf Jetta Rear Axle Bushing Tool

VW MKIV Golf Jetta Rear Axle Bushing Tool

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$ 89.99

  • 5-piece tool set designed specifically to press-in the bushings that are located in the rear axle twist-beam of MKIV Golf’s and Jetta’s.  These oil-filled bushing can crack and leak over time, causing clunks and poor handling.   
  • This tool makes it possible to service these bushings on the vehicle without removing the rear axle and brake system, thereby saving significant time and effort. Typically the old bushing is removed by cutting or burning out the rubber and then slitting or hammering out the bearing shell. This tool is then used to press the new bushing into place. This can be done on the vehicle and does not require removing the axle to allow access to a traditional press.  
  •  Packaged in carrying case.  
  •  Application Make: Volkswagen  
  •  Application Detail:   1998-2005 New Beetle 1999-2005 Golf (incl. GTI) 1999-2005 Jetta (incl. GLI) 2003-2004 R32 

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